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Stakeholder Meeting
18 July 2022

The Vision's second stakeholder meeting of the year was held at St Mary's Church with over 20 residents, business owners and community group representatives in attendance.

The event began with the opportunity for stakeholders to provide updates on their upcoming projects, events and ideas.


Following Andover Vision Chair Cllr Phil North's opening remarks, we kicked off the meeting with an update from Brian Cooke from Andover Men' Shed who spoke about the upcoming location changes and potential challenges for the Men's Shed.


Dmitrijs Meiksans MYP, spoke about the new  'Bringing Together Andover CIC', before updating stakeholders on the progress of the Andover Youth Assembly which was heading into its third and final week.  ​

Finally, James Moody, from Test Valley Borough Council, gave an update on the Climate Day of Action 2022. It will run from 24 September - 2 October and will encourage everyone in the town to make one small change for the planet. There was a call for everyone to get involved with their own climate themed event or activity.

The main focus of the evening was an update and workshop on the new Andover brand values as part of the ongoing Andover Place Brand work. Hemingway design gave a short presentation on the values and what they mean, before the stakeholders took part in workshop activities in which they looked at local events and activities through the lens of the values. This exercise helped to test the usability of the values and allowed the stakeholders to appreciate what they would look like in action.


The final part of the evening focused on Test Valley's Levelling Up Fund bid. The Council are putting in a bid to help accelerate the delivery of the Andover Masterplan. The money would be used to deliver a stunning riverside park along Western Avenue, transform the riverside footpath south of Bridge Street and create a spectacular new cultural hub in the town centre which would include the relocation of The Lights theatre. At the the stakeholder meeting, partners signed a letter of support for the bid, which will be submitted alongside the application. 

For more information about any of our stakeholders' updates, or if you would like to get involved, email We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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