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Being part of a connected community

Our town is growing, with more people coming to live in Andover. We are proud of our history and heritage and the town is becoming more diverse with a richness of backgrounds and cultures. A connected Andover that inspires pride, celebrates diversity and is a community where everyone is welcome and wants to join in will be an important part of the town’s future offer. Andover Vision will be a catalyst for celebrating and promoting community spirit and encouraging residents and businesses to play an active part in their community.

Our big ideas for the next 20 years:

  • Inspire pride and understand what it means to be an Andovarian so that all of Andover’s communities will feel more connected to the town.

  • Groups across Andover will host a range of events that bring the whole town together, celebrating our community.

  • Andover will be a town where people are able to get involved, through a wide range of volunteering opportunities and community groups. 

  • Community-led initiatives will be developed to help build confidence, wellbeing and aspiration amongst our young people. Andover will be well served with a range of community facilities that enable all of its residents to get involved and engage with their wider community.

  • Andover will be accessible and easy to get around with a connected range of walking and cycling routes.


What will success look like?

  • Andover will have an identity that’s inclusive of all the town’s neighbourhoods and celebrates our diversity.

  • Everyone feels part of Andover and is proud to call the town home.

  • A town with a positive outlook, where everyone feels their voice is heard.

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