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Andover Vision is a partnership of Andover’s residents, community groups, businesses and public bodies. Through extensive consultation across 2016/2017, the Vision strategy was shaped by local people and has been brought together by the Vision partnership. The strategy was formally launched in April 2017, and sets out our ambitions for the town and its future over the next 20 years.

We love Andover and we are ambitious about its future. We will work together to help the town fulfil its potential and, in doing so, raise aspirations and promote a sense of pride in our community which will result in achieving great things for the town.

The five themes for the Andover Vision are:

Each ambition has a set of ‘big ideas’. The big ideas describe what we will work on together for the town and will inform the projects that the partnership will take forward through its action plan. We will use the Vision document as a basis on which to attract funding and new opportunities to the town, and encourage partners to use it to guide their future policies and strategies relating to Andover.

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