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Access to great health

Our town is in good health and people understand that they have an important role to play in taking control of their own health, whatever their age. There are, however, some health challenges in Andover, such as diabetes, respiratory problems and mental health that can impact on people’s ability to live life to the full. An Andover where people live well and are able to make good lifestyle choices, with access to high quality facilities, support and information will help the town become healthier and improve people’s quality of life.

Our big ideas for the next 20 years

  • Deliver state-of-the-art facilities in Andover in order to promote active healthy lifestyles.

  • Promote and encourage activities that Andovarians of all ages and abilities can take part in and have fun whilst being healthy.

  • Health is everyone’s business, so let’s create a network where voluntary, community and health providers work together to deliver quality care and support for Andover.

  • The mental wellbeing of our town will be supported by the promotion of good mental health. We will work together to make sure people have access to the right support at the right time.

  • Work with young people and their families to encourage healthy habits which will become part of everyday life.

  • But if you are ill, your local GP, health and NHS will provide good access to high quality services that meet your needs.

What will success look like?

  • Residents of all ages will have access to high quality services, support and information.

  • Mental and physical wellbeing will be promoted through community led initiatives.
  • Andover will become a healthier town as residents will be able to make good lifestyle choices.

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