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Supporting business, jobs and skills in the town

Our town is in a brilliant location for businesses to invest in, with good links to London, the South and the West Country. We are well known for our engineering, with many companies based in the town, and we have a strong track record of being a place where businesses start and grow. We must continue to raise the aspirations of our young people by supporting them to develop the right skills and qualifications in order for them to have the best opportunities to fulfil their potential. It is essential that over the next 20 years we are … An enterprising Andover which builds on its great location and which encourages business and new talent to start, grow and flourish.

Our big ideas for the next 20 years:

  • Develop and promote the “Engineered in Andover” brand as way to showcase and encourage the town’s engineering and

  • hi-tech offer.

  • Regenerate the business parks and have a range of flexible premises which are high quality and attract new businesses to the town.

  • Raise aspirations and achievement so that Andover is a place of high quality learning, skills development and apprenticeships.

  • Showcase our enterprising talent as a way to raise aspirations within our community and open doors for our young people.

  • Strengthen links between businesses in the town and schools in order to inspire young people for the future.

  • Influence the Local Enterprise Partnership to secure resources for growth and infrastructure.

What will success look like?

  • A renowned reputation as an enterprising town wherebusinesses are able to grow and develop.

  • A town with increased  job opportunities in skilled industries.

  • Young people will have the right skills to be prepared for the job market

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