The document sets out our ambitions for the town and its future over the next 20 years. Each ambition has a set of ‘big ideas’, that describe how we will work together for the town and will inform the projects that the partnership will take forward through it’s action plan.


The document will also be used to attract funding and new opportunities to the town. We also encourage partners to use it to guide their future policies and strategies relating to Andover.


If your organisation would like to formally sign up to support the Vision and become a partner, please email the Andover Vision team

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The action plan is a working document that details all the projects that are in progress, have funding and project groups/working groups moving them forward for delivery. Projects that are in start up or ready to be moved forward are added to this document.

Projects are lead by partners or volunteers and project teams or working groups are made up of people that are living in the community, part of a voluntary or statutory organisation, local businesses or local councillors.

Andover Vision Pipeline Plan

The pipeline has details of all the projects and ideas identified as part of engagement with the community. These are projects that are waiting to move onto the action plan and need support to get off the ground.

The Andover Vision stakeholders and partners will work together to progress projects which are then moved onto the action plan.

This document details all the projects that have been delivered in Andover since the launch of the strategy in 2017. Projects have been delivered in partnership with Andover Vision.

Want to get involved?

Andover Vision needs community minded people to help get projects delivered. No special qualifications or experience are needed, just some of your free time and an interest in one (or more) of the many projects we are working on or would like to progress.

Groups meet regularly, usually in the early evening on weekdays at a location in Andover, and the main stakeholder group meets quarterly.