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Stakeholder Meeting
11 April 2022

The Vision's first stakeholder meeting of the year was held at The Lights Theatre with over 40 residents, business owners and community group representatives in attendance.

The event began with the opportunity for stakeholders to provide updates on their upcoming projects, events and ideas.


Following Andover Vision Chair Cllr Phil North's opening remarks, we kicked off the meeting with an update from Steve Godwin and Shelley Coburn who gave an overview of InAndover's upcoming projects.


Dmitrijs Meiksans MYP, spoke about the A-Fest, Andover's Youth Festival which has been bringing an exciting range of activities to Andover for seven years, and after a couple of years of having to run online, are now back in the High Street. A-Fest will be taking place on Sunday 8 May in the High Street.

Finally, James Moody, from Test Valley Borough Council, gave an update on the council's regeneration of Andover. Work continues to progress, with there now being an exciting array of events planned to take place across the town centre throughout 2022. 

The main focus of the evening were the roundtable discussions held on Andover's Climate Day of Action and the Healthier Communities Project


Halil Coskun provided a recap and overview of the Climate Day of Action, which is scheduled to take coincide with the Great Big Green Week, which is a nationwide celebration of action on climate change that takes place across the UK every year. Partners were asked to come up with ideas on how the Vision partnership could work to promote the day of action and get as many people involved as possible!

Secondly, Helen Coleman, from Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG, started the roundtable discussions by re-introducing the project to partners. Having now developed a strong working relationship with the CCG, the Vision and it's stakeholder discussed what they could do to help the community across Andover to stay and be healthy in every aspect of their lives.

For more information about any of our stakeholders' updates, or if you would like to get involved, email We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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