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25 June 2021

What is Andover's Climate day of action?

Climate change is one of the most important challenges we face. Often we think about this as a national or global challenge but it’s also one we must address locally as well. With this in mind, some of our key partners like Andover Trees United, Andover Plastic Free and Transition Town Andover, wanted to come together to highlight this issue and call others to take action in our town.


And so, Andover's Climate Day of Action was born!


We know that many local people and organisations already do so much to fight climate change. The day provides an opportunity to showcase and celebrate all these things whilst encouraging individuals, community groups, businesses and schools to make a pledge to go a step further and make a difference, however big or small, that will help tackle the climate emergency.

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What could you do on the day?

It would be amazing if everyone could all get involved on 25 June. People across Andover will be marking the Climate Day of Action by taking part in activities, sharing their climate change hints and tips online and making a commitment to do things differently.

We welcome any ambitious activities but here are a few easy ideas of what you could do to make a difference...

  • Walk or cycle for a journey instead of driving

  • Turn your lights off for an extra hour in the day

  • Use a reusable cup for your morning coffee

  • Try going vegetarian or vegan for the day


Not sure where to start? The World Wildlife Fund have produced this environmental footprint calculator that’s quick to use, breaking down its results in a way that’s easy to understand and providing tips for what you could do next.

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Share what you are doing on the day!

Andover's Climate Day of Action is going to be an exciting event with activities taking place across our town. We would like to share the activities taking place on the day and celebrate all of the brilliant things you are already doing to help the environment. What you’re already doing could inspire and encourage somebody else and help make an even bigger impact!


​Whatever activity you take part in or change you choose to make on 25 June, make sure to take pictures and share your ideas using  #andoverclimateaction or tag Andover Vision in your Facebook posts. If you would like to send them to us directly then simply pop them in an email to


We would also like to film some of the activities on the day so please get in touch by emailing the address above, as it would be brilliant if we could come along to capture and share what you are doing.

Want to know more?

Participant information packs are now available here to download from our website. Over the coming weeks, as the day gets closer, we'll be adding further content and information to our website.

In the meantime though,  if you have any questions feel free to contact us by clicking the button below or by using the email address above. 

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