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25 June 2021

Thank you for taking part!

We would like to thank everybody who took part in Andover Vision’s inaugural Climate Day of Action - It has been a great success and we could not have done it without you! Businesses, schools, and community groups across Andover have all come together to make a difference and have taken an important step towards tackling climate change in our local area. 

Chair of Andover Vision, Phil North, said: “Above all, I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who took part in the day. Without committed residents, businesses, and community groups, Andover’s Climate Day of Action simply wouldn’t have been the success that it was."

“Days and events such as these rely on the people of the town to come together, not only to make the day as worthwhile as can be, but also to make the lasting change that Friday was calling out for. Whether it was schools teaching young students about the impact we all have, or residents learning what and how we recycle, I know that the hard work of everyone who put this day together will have been worth it.”

Tackling climate change will remain an important item on the Vision and its stakeholders' agenda and there will be further opportunities to get involved - watch this space! 


What did local organisations do?

The Day of Action was an excellent opportunity for businesses to do their bit in tackling climate change - and they did exactly just that!

Here is what some local organisations and businesses did on the day...

  • Lionel Hitchen pledged to swap their diesel car for an electric van and install an EV charging point.

  • Love Andover committed to a monthly litter pick to keep Andover's environment litter-free. 

  • Bowyer Engineering held a car-free day for the Day of Action, with staff option to take a green form of transportation to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Test Valley Borough Council provided litter-picking equipment to Finkley Down Farm Nursery.

  • Simplyhealth staff removed 20 bin bags worth of litter from the River Anton as part of its pledge to local people and employees. 

And many many more! These are just a few highlights

school 2.jpg

What Schools had to say...

Hatherden CE Primary School came together for an outdoor assembly. Headteacher, Lisa Bracken, shared results from an energy survey which she participated in with pupils, leading her to pledge one thing she would now do differently to reduce energy consumption in the battle against climate change. 

Pupils then shared their ideas of how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Brooke, Year 6 said that "we should all be switching lights off" and Eli, Year 1 said, "We should take shorter showers". KS2 pupils made an amazing Roundhouse using hazel, forming an important part of their project ‘Stone age to Iron Age'.

Roman Way Primary School pupils all dressed down as a way of raising money and contributing to Andover Trees United's new cabin.  Pupils also took part in a range of activities, ranging from creating a vegan cookbook to encourage more meat-free eating, creating compost heaps from leftover food for the school's vegetable beds, and creating a rap/song to raise awareness about climate change.


Check out the short slideshow below to get more of an idea as to what was done on the day!

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