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25 June 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some common questions we have been asked about the Climate Day of Action - if you have any other questions, please do email us at and we'll be happy to help you!

When is the Climate Day of Action?

The Climate Day of Action will take place on Friday 25 June 2021. It isn’t all about one day though as we know that some groups or organisations don’t necessarily meet on a daily basis - feel free to take part in the day in the weeks leading up the 25 June.


What is the purpose of the Climate Day of Action?

The aim of the Climate Day of Action is twofold.


Firstly, we want to use the day to showcase the great work people are already doing in response to climate change. We know that local people, schools, businesses and community groups are already doing a range of things to help our planet and we want to celebrate this!


Secondly, the day will give everyone in Andover a chance to make a further change that will help tackle the escalating climate emergency. Whether it’s big or small, any change can help make a difference and the Climate Day of Action is a great opportunity to try something new or different.


Where did the Day of Action come from?

One of Andover Vision’s aims, as set out in our strategy document, is for the town to have ‘a great green environment’. A number of our stakeholders, including those helping to plan the Day of Action already engage in activities that involve looking after the environment and wanted to motivate and inspire the whole town to consider how it can respond to the climate emergency and become more sustainable and environmentally-conscious.


To this end, a working group was formed which decided the best way to do this was to hold a ‘Day of Action’ in Andover rather than staging a single event with a fixed venue, it was decided that Andover itself will be the venue to ensure everyone can get involved. The Climate Day of Action was originally scheduled to take place in April 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the idea has still persisted and we the Day of Action is now due to take place on June 25th 2021!


Can I do something that I would usually do?
Yes! The Day of Action is also about celebrating what the people of Andover are already doing for the climate. We know that so many of us already do our part for the climate and we want to celebrate and highlight this.


Where can I get ideas on what to do?

To help you consider what to do on the day, we have produced a participant information pack that contains a range of ideas that you could try. As we build up to the day, we will also be putting more content and information on our website that will signpost you to other resources available.


How can I participate on the day?

We encourage everyone to use the hashtag #andoverclimateaction on the day to stay connected and check out what others are also doing on the day. Share photos & videos clips of something that you have done, made, cleaned or planted on Facebook and Twitter and tag Andover Vision through our social media handles!


If you’re not on social media, please do email your pictures, videos or stories to so that we can share them for you!


Is there a place I can go to learn more about what local groups are doing?



As part of the Climate Day of Action, we will be running a free climate marketplace on Andover High Street from 11am to 2pm where local groups and organisations will be running interactive and engaging stalls to show you the easy ways you can respond to climate change or get involved with the work they’re already doing.


What about Covid?

While Covid-19 is a very real concern for us all, we will be taking all the precautionary steps possible to mitigate this. Andover Vision and its partners will follow all government guidelines that will be in place on the day and we encourage everyone to only take part in activities where they feel safe and comfortable doing so.


The Marketplace event scheduled to take place in Andover High Street will be Covid secure with socially distanced stalls – all stallholders will undertake a risk assessment to ensure all risks (including those related to Covid-19) are identified and mitigated. Similarly, us as the overall event organiser will complete a risk assessment for the event.


Beyond this, activities for the Climate Day of Action will be taking place in people’s usual places of work, education and leisure. We strongly encourage these to take place in accordance with both government guidance and the relevant policies in place at each location.


What is Andover Vision?

Andover Vision is a partnership of Andover’s residents, community groups, businesses and public bodies. Through extensive consultation across 2016/2017, the Vision strategy was shaped by local people and has been brought together by the Vision partnership. The strategy was formally launched in April 2017, and sets out our ambitions for the town and its future over the next 20 years.


We love Andover and we are ambitious about its future. We will work together to help the town fulfil its potential and, in doing so, raise aspirations and promote a sense of pride in our community which will result in achieving great things for the town.


You can learn more about Andover Vision by reading our strategy document.


Still unable to find an answer to your question? Email us on: or click the button below:

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